This year resolve to get deeper into God’s Word by enrolling in Back to the Bible Correspondence Course.

Register today and study the Bible in a systematic way to equip yourself for an effective Christian life and ministry.

The courses covered are:

1. Foundation Studies in Christian Living
-By Dawson Trotman & Theodore H.Epp

2. How to study your Bible
– By Gordon Talbot

3. Finding God’s Will
– By Dave Oertli

Available in
Hindi, Telugu, Kannada, Tamil,
Malayalam, Marathi, & Oriya
If interested please drop a request note with your full Name, postal address and other contact details through a post card,
SMS -BCC to 09492440070
or by email.
Our contact details are given below:


Enquiries : +91-040-27796353 / 27795287
e-mail :
Website :


Enquiries : +91-011-27652506
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Enquiries : +91-0452-2531756
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New Believers

A Life That’s Real

Meeting God Changes Your Life

It’s All About Who You Know

Now What? Living Out Your Christian Faith

No Guesswork, Living to Please God

Passion for Christ Series

Lessons One through Four