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Read Romans 10:14–21
How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news! Romans 10:15

We must never minimize the missionary outreach of the church. While this passage relates primarily to Israel, it applies to all lost souls. They cannot be saved unless they call upon the Lord Jesus Christ. But they cannot call unless they believe. Faith comes by hearing (v. 17), so they must hear the message. How will they hear? A messenger must go to them with the message. But this means that God must call and send the messenger (vv.14–15). What a privilege it is to be one of His messengers and have beautiful feet!

Just the other day, a businessman in our church called me to report another soul led to Christ. My caller had had serious spiritual problems a few years earlier, and I was able to help him. Since that time, he had led many to Christ. His phone call was to give me the good news that one of his work associates had led a friend to Christ, another miracle in a spiritual chain reaction.

Some of us share the news here at home, but others are sent to distant places. There are more open doors for the gospel than ever before. Do you have beautiful feet?

Something to Ponder
Who are some people you could reach with the gospel who might not hear it from anyone else?

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