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JEREMIAH 33:3 : “Call to Me, and I will answer you, and show you great and mighty things, which you do not know.”
Years ago there was a great drought in Connecticut. The water disappeared from the hills, and the farmers drove their cattle into the valleys. Streams there began to fail, and the neighbors said to a certain godly man, “You must not send your flocks down here anymore.”
The old man gathered his family around the kitchen table and, kneeling by their chairs, they cried with tears and supplications for water that the flocks and herds might not perish.
Afterward he went out into the hills, and in a place where he had walked many times before, he saw that the ground was dark and moist. When he dug up the soil, water started to bubble to the surface. The family came with pails and watered the stock; then they made troughs reaching to the house. Water was plentiful. God’s people called, and He answered.
The prophet Jeremiah was also in distressing circumstances. He was in a city under siege. To make matters worse, he had been put in prison because of his counsel to surrender to the Chaldeans. Everywhere he turned there was danger and opposition.
But God assured him, “Call to Me and I will answer.” And God did. He delivered the prophet both from prison and from the hands of his enemies.
Far too many Christians fail to take God up on His promise. Prayerlessness is a common problem in the church today. God, however, will not do His part until we do ours. We do not call; therefore, God does not answer (James 4:2). As a result, we do not see the wonderful things God wants to show us.
Commit yourself to call on God in prayer. Be consistent. Be courageous. Be confident. Then when you pray, God will show you “great and mighty things.”


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