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Faith looks to the future, for that is where the greatest rewards are found. The people listed in
Hebrews 11 had God’s witness to their faith that one day they would be rewarded. One day
all of us who know Christ will share that heavenly city which true saints look for by faith.
We should give thanks for these saints of old.
They were faithful during difficult times, yet we received the blessings. They saw some of
these blessings afar off, but we enjoy them today through Jesus Christ. If the saints of old had
not trusted God and obeyed His will, Israel might have perished and the Messiah might not
have been born. Faith is possible to all kinds of believers in all kinds of situations. It grows as
we listen to His Word and fellowship in worship and prayer.
Scripture says: “And without faith it is impossible to please God” (Hebrews 11:6, NIV).
Look up: Hebrews 11:13; John 8:56; Romans 10:17.
Action assignment: Note how faith grows. Make a deliberate effort today to use these
tangible means to increase your faith.

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