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Wine was the normal drink of the people in New Testament days, but we must not use Jesus’ miracle of turning water into wine as an argument for the use of alcoholic beverages today. A man given to drink once said to me, “After all, Jesus turned water into wine!” My reply was, “If you use Jesus as your example for drinking, why don’t you follow His example in everything else?” Then I read Luke 22:18 to him. This verse clearly implies that, in heaven today, Jesus is a teetotaler!

Sincere Christians today will want to consider certain Scripture (see below) before concluding that the use of alcoholic beverages is a wise thing today. I am reminded of the story of a drunken coal miner who was converted and became a vocal witness for Christ.

One of his friends tried to trap him by asking, “Do you believe that Jesus turned water into wine?” “I certainly do!” the believer replied. “In my home, He has turned wine into furniture, decent clothes, and food for my children!” Finally, it is worth noting that the Jews always diluted the wine with water, usually to the proportion of three parts water to one part wane. While the Bible does not command total abstinence, it certainly magnifies it and definitely warns against drunkenness.

Verse for today: “Take care lest this liberty of yours somehow become a stumbling block to the weak Therefore, if food causes my brother to stumble, I will never eat meat again, that I might not cause my brother to stumble” (1 Corinthians 8:9,13, NASB).

Also: Read 1 Corinthians 8; 10:23, 31.

Action assignment: If you are in any way facing the question of the use of alcoholic beverages, take time now to think the matter through. Pray about it.


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