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2 SAMUEL 11:1-5
We have seen before that God does not gloss over the sins of His children. David, though a man
after God’s own heart, was not sinlessly perfect. We come now to the darkest hour in this great
man’s life. It seems that the higher the peak of victory, the deeper the fall a believer can sustain.
Though David was one of God’s choicest men, he gave way to selfish desires that have left a blot
on his name that time has not erased.
David’s sin of adultery was not the end of his fall. It led him to commit murder also. David sank
into spiritual deadness with no apparent thought of repentance until God shook him to the very
depths of his soul, and then he returned to his senses and sought God’s forgiveness.
David’s sin was recorded for our learning. The Bible does not hesitate to reveal and denounce sin.
God’s Word conceals nothing. When necessary, it pulls aside the curtain and discloses the human
heart. We are stunned as we think of a man like David, wondering how he could have fallen so
low. Will God be able to consider him the man after His own heart following this terrible incident?
But can we point the finger at David and excuse ourselves?
Are we able to face sin in our own lives, not just in David’s life?
He who conceals his transgressions will not prosper, but he who confesses andforsakes them
willfind compassion (Prov. 28:13, NASB).
Theodore Epp

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