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Malachi 1—4, Revelation 22 • Key Verse: Revelation 22:20

Jesus often told His disciples that He would one day leave them. But He also told them He would return for them: “I am going away and coming back to you” (John 14:28).

One day, as promised, He left. He ascended into the clouds from the midst of His gathered followers. But even then two angels promised, “Men of Galilee, why do you stand here looking into the sky? This same Jesus, who has been taken from you into heaven, will come back in the same way you have seen him go into heaven” (Acts 1:11).

In the last chapter of the Bible, Jesus again makes the promise, “I am coming soon!… I am the Alpha and the Omega, the First and the Last, the Beginning and the End” (22:12-13). The final recorded words of Jesus are, “Yes, I am coming soon” (v. 20).

If you know Jesus as your Savior, you are awaiting that day when Jesus will come quickly. It will happen soon. Don’t be caught unprepared, Jesus is “good to go”; He is ready to return. Are you ready for Him?

“Lord, help me to live in such a way that I wont be caught offguard when You return. Help me to keep short accounts with You. Help me to be good to go too. ”

Woodrow Kroll & Tony beckett

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