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Haggai 1-2, Revelation 17 Key Verse: Haggai 2:4

In spite of so many blessings and so many benefits, people still struggle with depression. When we are “down” emotionally or mentally, it can even pull us down physically.

In the days of Haggai the people were discouraged. Why? Among other things, the new temple they had built was inferior to the old one. One of the common effects of depression was evident—their initiative was stifled. Depressed people often slow down, even stop altogether. Having lost their motivation, they sit. And the longer they sit, the more depressed they get.

God gave very specific instruction to His people, instruction that can help us. He said first, “Be strong.” Then He said, “Be strong.” After that He said, “Be strong.” Mark it in Haggai 2:4. Three times God says, “Be strong.” That is spiritually based emotional resolve! It’s not psychological self-help talk but divine instruction. It is also something that we must determine to do, to be strong.

God instructed one other thing—-“work.” This was not a “don’t just sit there, do something” kind of instruction. It is amazing how much healing can take place when we start being constructive again.

Don’t miss the bottom line. God said, “For I am with you.” His presence indeed makes all the difference.

Is something depressing you? Then decide what you can do about it! Work on it, remembering that God is with you.

Woodrow Kroll & Tony beckett

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