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Ezekiel 20-21, James 5 • Key Verses: James 5:7-8
The fields are about empty now, and so are the gardens. Last spring, with hope, the farmers
planted their fields, as did the gardeners. Dirt was turned over, seeds sown and young plants set.
Then with water, fertilizer, care and good weather, a day came when the corn was harvested or
the tomato picked from the vine. Between planting and harvesting was watering, cultivating,
fertilizing, protecting and patience. “A watched pot doesn’t boil,” nor does a watched plant

In a world that wants instant gratification, the farmer and gardener go against the flow. That is
why they are such a good picture of patience. Notice, though, that James is speaking of a
particular kind of patience, the one that gets us through the long summers of our life. It is a
patience that is based on a certain hope—that one day Jesus will come again.
This spring, plant a small garden with a child. Watch her enthusiasm as you show her the
pictures on the seed packets. Let her pick her favorite foods to grow. Then watch as her
enthusiasm wanes, especially when the heat of summer arrives. Take her out to the garden to
weed. She’ll probably wilt! The pictures of fresh fruits and vegetables are no longer in her mind.
Her patience is exhausted. She’ll be content with store-bought food.
Look beyond the challenges of today. Jesus is coming. Just be patient.
James gives us a good word picture here. Ask God to help you be patient, always looking
forward to the return of Jesus.
Woodrow Kroll & Tony beckett

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