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Ecclesiastes 10-12, Galatians 1 • Key Verse: Ecclesiastes 12:13
Sometimes we need to be reminded of the importance of KISS. That word can be an acronym
reminding us to “Keep It Short” or “Keep It Simple.” I know that is only “KIS,” but I prefer to
leave off the last “S” because typically that stands for “Stupid.” Why call someone a name when
you can get across the point without demeaning him!
There is another version of KISS. It is “Keep It Strictly Scriptural.” A great admonition,
especially for those of us who teach the Word, but it’s not just for teachers. All of us should want
to live a strictly scriptural life, doing and saying and thinking only what is strictly based on
God’s Word.
Maybe Solomon heard of KISS when he summarized all of what is important in just six words.
He wrote, “Fear God and keep his commandments” (12:13). It is the “KISS of Life,” short,
simple and strictly scriptural. In those six words are contained the foundation for our life—
loving reverence of God.
The content is there as well— keep His commandments. There is a completeness in this
command, as Solomon notes that it is the “whole duty of man.” Far from the meaninglessness of
things pointed out in Ecclesiastes is the fulfillment of life found in these words.
This, then, is how we are to live, in the fear of God, keeping His commandments. Remember this
Put this verse into your memory, say it daily and live it always. It is the KISS of Life.
Woodrow Kroll & Tony Beckett

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