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Ecclesiastes 1-3, 2 Corinthians 11:16-33 Key Verse: Ecclesiastes 1:15
A bundle of studs delivered to a building site will invariably have some boards that are twisted,
and no amount of nails seems to be sufficient to straighten them Then there is the frustration of
running out of nails. “How many do we have?” someone will ask. When “none” is the answer,
frustration sets in.
Know the feeling? When bad things cannot be undone, and the needed supplies or other people
who could be of help are unavailable, realization sets in and emotions churn. Are we having fun
yet? Not now.
Solomon catches our attention with this scenario. He writes, “What is twisted cannot be
straightened; what is lacking cannot be counted” (1:15). It is meaningless, he says, to try to
change these facts. His intent is not to leave us in despair but to counsel us to a wise per spective.
There are times when we must accept things as they are.
This is not a Christian fatalism or a Christian version of karma, but it is a biblical perspective
that brings peace to the heart of the believer. We need to accept what God brings into our life, be
content with our situation and learn to live for His glory with our circumstances. Some things
cannot be undone. Other things will be lacking. So learn to accept those facts and get on with
being the person God wants you to be.
Do you have any areas of discontent right now? Accept them and ask God to help you have
contentment and fulfillment in spite of if not because of them.
Woodrow Kroll & Tony Beckett

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