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Psalms 129-131, 1 Corinthians 11:1—16 • Key Verse: Psalm 131:2

I sometimes humorously talk about things that sound true but are not. My list of “accepted lies” includes “one size fits all.” Another one that parents of newborns especially understand is “sleeps like a baby.” In reality, that means waking every couple of hours and demanding to be fed. Babies can be fussy and demanding at anytime, day or night.

Among the challenges of parenting are teething and weaning. It is a blessing when the child no longer has sore gums and is no longer so demanding in his or her attachment to the mother when hungry. It is a blessing when babies truly sleep like a baby!

Christians are to be like a weaned baby, still and quiet. Our souls are to have a calmness that is like a sleeping baby’s. So, often, though, we are like the unweaned child, demanding immediate relief for our discomfort. We fuss while waiting for God to be the immediate provider of the warm milk that will allow us to go back to undisturbed sleep.

Even my teenagers at times wonder if they are going to be fed, especially when we are traveling. I sometimes say to them, “We haven’t let you starve yet!” in hopes that they will quiet down. “Relax. Trust me to feed you” is what I’m really telling them.

God wants us to trust Him, to be still and quiet our souls. We need to be like a weaned child, resting confidently that He will take care of us.

Look over your prayer list. Do the personal requests sound like a weaned child or a fussy baby? Be still and quiet your soul. Sleep like a baby, not like a fussy newborn.

Woodrow Kroll & Tony Beckett

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