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Psalms 113—115, 1 Corinthians 6 • Key Verse: 1 Corinthians 6:12

We live in an “anything goes” world, and sometimes it seems as if everything has gone! Occasionally we need the Bible to jerk us back to reality, biblical reality. It is the same for the child of God as it was for you as a child of your parents. Remember how sometimes they told you no? Anything didn’t go, and it still doesn’t.

If God says clearly that something is wrong, then it is wrong. There’s no use asking because the answer is no. Then there are all the other things, the ones the Bible neither says are wrong nor right. We usually call these “gray areas.” Paul gives us two important things to remember.

First, even if something may be allowed, ask yourself if it is beneficial for you. Some things can be like the weights mentioned in Hebrews 12:1, the things that hinder us in the Christian life. They are not wrong, but they don’t help.

Second, don’t let anything control you. Paul teaches us that we are to be controlled by the Spirit—nothing else. We can be controlled not only by addictive substances but by addictive activities. Habits, compulsions, foods and so much more can control a person. Paul says to us by his example and teaching that we must “not be mastered by anything” (v. 12).

This verse gives us two tests to use in deciding what we will do or not do. In any area that Scripture does not clearly address, ask yourself these questions: Is it beneficial? Will it control me?

Anything does go, but some things should go! Ask God to help you see if there are things in your life that are not beneficial to you or that control you.

Woodrow Kroll & Tony Beckett

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