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Psalms 57-59, Romans 4 • Key Verse: Romans 4:3

It was hard for the Jewish people in Paul’s day to understand that their special covenant relationship with God was insufficient to save them. Even today many Jewish people believe that they are automatically a part of Gods family and need no personal salvation.

But the apostle Paul, who was himself Jewish, warned his fellow countrymen, that it was not Abraham s works or his circumcision but his faith that brought him to God.

Paul quotes Genesis 15:6 as proof. God told Abraham that the stars of heaven would not exceed the number of his descendants. But Abraham had no descendants; he was childless. Still, he “believed in the Lord, and he credited it to him as righteousness” (Gen. 15:6). Abraham believed God’s promise and God credited Abraham’s faith as righteousness.

That’s the way it is with us as well. We are not saved by who we are or by any rite such as circumcision or baptism. We are saved by faith alone in Christ alone.

If you are banking on anything other than Christ’s death at Calvary to pay the penalty for your sin, you’re banking on the wrong thing. Have faith in Jesus’ death in your behalf, and let God credit that faith to your account as righteousness. It’s the only way to be saved.

“Lord, I believe that Jesus Christ died in my place, paying the penalty for my sin. I have faith that that is all You require for my salvation. Thank You for crediting my faith as if it were actual righteousness and for saving me. ”

Woodrow Kroll & Tony Beckett

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