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l Chronicles: 16-18, John7:28-53 • Key Verse: 1 Chronicles 16:29

Oh, the dilemma of what to wear! Clothing is more important to some than to others, but most of us have those times where we think, What should I wear? Dress at work may be a mandated uniform, an expectation of coat and tie, or the dreaded, because it might not be well defined, “corporate casual.”

Have you ever thought about what to wear to worship? Times have changed. For some, shorts and sandals are fine, while others dress as if worship is impossible without a white shirt and tie.
One thing is essential to wear to worship, and that’s holiness.

David’s psalm of thanks instructs us to “worship the LORD in the splendor of his holiness” (16:29). That phrase can mean several things. One is that God lives in the splendor of holiness and that we must worship Him there. Another is that He is holy so we must worship Him as holy
But I think the primary meaning is that we, as worshipers, are to be garbed in holiness when we worship Him. We worship Him clothed in the splendor of holiness.

How do we put on the splendor of holiness? Holiness is not a matter of external dress but internal condition. It cannot be put on and put off like a comfortable sweater. You decide to live a life that is set apart to God, set apart from the world. Your life becomes one of holiness as you live out. that decision.

Holiness is what God wants us to wear to worship. Put it on and remember that it is a splendid garment, one to wear and never remove.

_Is holiness like a sweater to you, something to put on and take off depending on the temperature? It’s not to be like that. Check what you are wearing. Is it holiness?_

Woodrow Kroll & Tony Beckett

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