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Judges 7—8, Luke 5:1-16 • Key Verse: Luke 5:16
To read about the life of Jesus is to read of a lire tilled with activity. His public ministry began
with His baptism. Then 40 days of solitude in the wilderness immediately followed. After that,
His was a full schedule.
Two interesting observations can be made about the pace of Jesus’ ministry. One is that He never
hurried anywhere. Jesus was never in a rush. His purpose was so clear that other things were not
allowed to put Him in a rush.
The other is that He consistently found the time and the quiet to pray. A healthy prayer life needs
those two things: time and quiet.
How can you have a healthy prayer life without taking time to pray You can’t. Some praying we
do “on the run.” It may be that we pray while driving or while working around the house. Still,
we need quality prayer time, undistracted by any other activities.
The other need is for quiet. Finding a time and place where you are undistracted is vital to a
healthy prayer life. For some; those times and places are easy to find. For others, it is a
Jesus set the example’ He took time and found a quiet place to pray. Will you?

Do you take time to pray? Why not right now? Jesus did. You should also
Woodrow Kroll & Tony Beckett

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