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Joshua 13-15, Luke 1:57-80 Key Verse: Joshua 13:13
Great promises and great victories fill the pages of the Book of Joshua. Israel moved into the
Promised Land and conquered it with God’s help. Jericho fell, literally. Ai was ultimately
defeated. The sun even stood still—all striking evidence that God was fighting for Israel (10:14).
Yet when the details of the conquest are examined beginning in Joshua 13:13, a sad fact needs to
be noted.

The Israelites did not drive out the people of Geshur and Maacah. The significance is not the
names of the people but the fact that they were allowed to remain in the land. As you continue to
read Joshua, you will find this phrase repeated: “did not drive them out completely.”
The account of Joshua tells us about Gods promises and Israel’s victories. But it does not hide
the fact that sometimes the fulfillment of the promises was limited by Israel’s incomplete
obedience. Lack of faith and incomplete obedience allowed some of the people to remain in the
God’s instructions were clear. His promises were certain. The failure was not God’s but the
people’s. They failed and ultimately bore the consequences.
Always strive for complete obedience; never stop short of it.
Whatever God gives you to do, do it completely. Unfinished tasks can be more troublesome than
the effort of doing them the first time.

Woodrow Kroll & Tony Beckett

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