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Joshua 10—12, Luke 1:39—56 • Key Verse: Luke 1:43
Two remarkable women, one older and one younger, teach by example a lesson too easily lost.
They teach in what they say and do the amazement every believer should have in sharing the
blessings of God. But it is an amazement that can be felt only in a heart of humility.
Elizabeth was amazed to find herself in the presence of Mary, the mother of her Lord. Out of a
heart of humility she said that she did not deserve to be there.
Mary, on the other hand, was amazed at the fact that God had chosen her to serve Him in this
special way. Her feelings were clear— God owed her nothing. Yet she had received everything
from Him. Out of a heart of humility she acknowledged His work in her life. ‘
Humility is a natural result when one truly recognizes the awesomeness of God. These two saints
felt honored by God and expressed a deep sense of respect for Him. Their relationship with God
was not a casual one, as if He were a friendly neighbor. To them, knowing God was an honor.
Are you too casual about the things of God? Awe is easily lost when familiarity with the
Almighty is taken for granted. Keep a heart of humility and be amazed like Mary and Elizabeth.
Humility can be hard to obtain and even more difficult to, keep—- especially when we think we
are humble. Aim low! Stay humble.

Woodrow Kroll & Tony Beckett

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