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Deuteronomy 10—12, Mark 12:1-27 Key Verse: Mark 12:14
Not everyone liked Jesus. Some were very open in their opposition. They schemed for
opportunities to turn people away from Him.
One tactic was to use His own teaching against Him. To accomplish that, they would at times ask
trick questions.
In today’s reading, a representative group from the Pharisees and Herodians tried to catch Jesus
in His words. Part of their strategy was to compliment Jesus first and then hit Him with the
question. The compliment speaks volumes. Delivered perhaps with tongue in cheek, these men
gave a picture of the One whom the believer is to emulate. We are to be like Jesus, who was a
man of integrity and not swayed by men,..particularly those of “position.” He was a true teacher
of the way of God.
Even tongue in cheek, these men spoke the truth. To have said anything else would have
precluded the possibility of asking their question. If they had made a misstatement about Jesus, it
would have been challenged. They did not want to get sidetracked from their purpose.
Take this description of Jesus. Acknowledge that it is true. Then remember that you are to be
like Him. How do you measure up in your integrity, respect of persons and teaching? Are you
like Jesus?
Do an integrity cheeky not of others, but of yourself Would others say of you what these people
said of Jesus?
Woodrow Kroll & Tony Beckett

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