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Jesus said, “Come.” The Pharisees all said, “Do!” and tried to make the people follow Moses and the
traditions. But true salvation is found only in a person, Jesus Christ. To come to Him means to trust
This invitation is open to those who are exhausted and burdened down. That is exactly how the people
felt under the yoke of pharisaical legalism.
“Take.” This is a deeper experience. When we come to Christ by faith, He gives us rest. When we take
His yoke and learn, we find rest, that deeper rest of surrender and obedience. The first is “peace with
God”; the second is “the peace of God.”
To “take a yoke” in that day meant to become a disciple. When we submit to Christ, we are yoked to
Him. The word “easy” means “well–fitting”; He has just the yoke that is tailor-made for our lives and
“Learn.” The first two commands represent a crisis as we come and yield to Christ; but this step is into
a process. As we learn more about Him, we find a deeper peace, because we trust Him more. Life is
simplified and unified around the person of Christ.
Verse for today: “Come unto Me, all ye that labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest”
(Matthew 11:28).
Also read: Matthew 11:25-30; 23:2-5; Acts 15:10; Romans 5:1; Philippians 4:6-8; 1 John 5:3.
Action assignment : Thank God for your tailor-made yoke. Then list some areas that are very hard for
you right now. Ask the Lord to direct you in your Bible study so that your trust in His yoke will give
you the peace you need.

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