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Now it came to pass in the fortieth year, in the eleventh month, on the first day of the month, that Moses spoke to the children of Israel according to all that the Lord had given him as commandments to them.

“See, I have set the land before you; go in and possess the land which the Lord swore to your fathers—to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob—to give to them and their descendants after them.”

Two men were talking and one said, “Boy, there’s nothing like getting up early in the morning, doing a few calisthenics, taking a vigorous three-mile run and then hitting the showers.” “Oh,” said the other man, “when did you start doing this?” “I haven’t,” replied his friend, “but I’m going to start one of these days.”

“One of these days” finally arrived for Israel. For 40 years the people had wandered in the wilderness as the older generation died off. Moses had passed the mantel of leadership down to his young understudy, Joshua, and was preparing to meet with God on Mount Nebo, his final resting place.

His last words to the people were a reminder and an exhortation. The way had been long, the battles fierce; but the time of waiting was over. Now was the time for action—go in and possess the land.

It is all too easy to let procrastination dominate our lives. There is a time to wait and pray, to study the situation, to make careful preparations—but there’s also a time to take action. Dragging your feet is just as much a sin as running ahead of the Lord.

If God has been speaking to you about something, stop putting it off. Pray about it. Seek advice from your pastor and godly friends. Pray some more. Then, do something. Don’t delay; obey.



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