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JOSHUA 6:1-14
Israel was assured of victory over Jericho. It was the key city to the whole campaign in Canaan.
Once that obstacle was removed, the armies of Israel could spread out in all directions. So it is no
wonder that we find in this incident of history an abundance of spiritual lessons.
Israel herself could not retreat. They had no alternative except to go forward in victory or suffer
death. The death the Israelites might have suffered would have been that of dying at the hands of
their foes. In the spiritual realm our danger is in succumbing to the enemy because we do not
apply the victory.
Humanly speaking, Jericho was so strongly fortified as to be almost incapable of being taken. It
guarded all the passes to the interior of the land of Canaan. Consequently, so long as Jericho held
out, the land was safe from invasion.
We find that the same experience meets us once we choose to go on in Christian warfare.
Invisible forces rise up to try to stop us and will succeed unless we follow our Captain implicitly.
The enemy, Satan, will get us to consider our weaknesses, such as temperament or lack of ability
or self-control, but these are the very things over which the Lord will give us victory.
I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me (Phil. 4:13).
Theodore Epp

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