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NUMBERS 11:1-15
The mixed multitude (Num. 11:4) was probably a group of Gentiles who left Egypt with the
Israelites. Although the complaining was started by the mixed multitude, the Israelites were also
guilty of complaining.
This indicates how infectious a complaining attitude can be. Because every person has a sin
nature, it does not take long even for believers to become disheartened and to develop an attitude
of complaining against the goodness of God.
After salvation, Christians too often remember what they enjoyed in the world and occasionally
long for the pleasures of sin. When this happens, the believer is guilty of leaving his first love.
Christians who have not grown spiritually as they should, through the reading of God’s Word and
applying it to daily life, find it easy to murmur as the Israelites did. Only a small minority may
begin the complaining, but the Christian who is not mature is also susceptible. Just as the bark of
one dog can start a whole group of dogs barking, one complaining believer can affect an entire
Many pastors have had their hearts broken, and church work has been greatly hampered by a few
disgruntled people who influence the entire church. Every church group seems to have a few
people who find it easy to complain about anything.
Unless the other believers are mature, they will soon follow the pattern of the murmuring, weak
Do not complain, brethren, against one another, that you yourselves may not be judged; behold,
the Judge is standing right at the door (James 5:9, NASB).
Theodore Epp

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