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EXODUS 5:10-23
As Moses was rejected by Pharaoh and then by his own people, he was learning what it meant to
stand alone with God. Not only did Pharaoh refuse his request, but he essentially called Moses a
liar. And the Israelites went around Moses by taking their case directly to Pharaoh. It was one
thing to be rejected by Pharaoh, an unbeliever, but it was quite another thing to be rejected by his
own people.
Moses experienced a bitter and painful lesson in learning to trust God alone. Every vestige of
hope in others was ripped away, and he had no other choice than to stand alone with God.
The entire plan of delivering Israel seemed to have backfired.
Once again his own people were bitter toward him and accused him of being directly responsible
for their troubles, even though Moses had been willing to give his life for them. How those words
must have cut deeply into his heart.
One’s heart goes out to Moses because his troubles were only beginning. He had been prepared
for the rebuff that he received from Pharaoh because he had been warned of this by God. But no
warning had been given him concerning the rebuff by his own people, which was much harder to
How discouraging it is when one is criticized by those he is trying to help. This teaches us, too,
that it is easier to take criticism from unbelievers than it is to take it from believers.
He came unto his own, and his own received him not (John 1:11).
Theodore Epp

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