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EXODUS 2:1-15

Although Moses belonged officially to Pharaoh’s daughter, God allowed his own mother to have
the privilege of giving him his early training. The exact number of years Moses was in the care of
his own mother is unknown, but it was long enough for her to give him the basic training that
would last throughout his lifetime.
It was doubtlessly under his mother’s care that Moses trusted God for his salvation. Also, it would
have been only normal for his mother to have impressed on him the need for the Israelites to be
delivered from Egypt.
Perhaps his mother reminded him often that God promised to deliver the Israelites in the fourth
generation and that he was a member of that generation.
The faith of Moses’ parents caused them to risk the wrath of the king. Their love for God and for
their child caused them to devise an ingenious way to evade the king’s ruthless edict. God honored
their faith and rewarded their love.
As a result, Moses had the benefit of a godly home and the heritage of his Hebrew parents, which
proved to be more than enough to counteract the later adverse education received from the
In a sense, Moses’ parents influenced the course of history, although they were slaves to the
Egyptians at the time. Think of what they personally accomplished by properly rearing Moses.
One never knows how one person or group may affect large numbers of people—even the world.
For I know him, that he will command his children and his household after him, and they shall
keep the way of the Lord, to do justice and judgment (Gen. 18:19).
Theodore Epp

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