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Micah 1-3, Revelation 11 • Key Verses: Revelation 11:1-2

A time is coming in which it will seem like Satan is on the throne. His kind of government, church and economic world system will be in place as well as his kind of control. In those days it will look like Satan rules, but consistently God will show that He overrules. I

n a what is considered to be one of the most perplexing chapters of Revelation, God demonstrates this. That God is in charge is seen in an act of protection found in verses 1 and 2, He instructed John to mark off the boundaries of the temple and to count the worshipers there. That place and those people are then set aside, Satan notwithstanding. God can draw the line on Satan anytime, anyplace because He is in charge. What He protects is protected.

That God is in charge is also seen in an act of proclaiming. The next portion of this chapter tells of the two witnesses. In the midst of darkness, they are light. They also are protected until they finish their testimony. This may seem to be Satan’s time, but Gods message will still be going out and His messengers will be triumphant.

The scene of the people celebrating the death of the two witnesses should scare us in the sense that again we see the deceitfulness of sin. It should also embolden us because at that precise time God again demonstrates Resurrection power!

It should also amaze us. God has been rejected but still reaches out. Even in that day of abomination, God will have a witness.

“Some days, God, it seems like Satan is in control. Help me remember that You alone are the Sovereign of the universe, that you overrule Satan. ”

Woodrow Kroll & Tony beckett

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