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Ezekiel 47-48, 1 John 3 • Key Verse: Ezekiel 48:35

Weddings are special events filled with hope, commitment and happiness. The day finally has come when the bride and groom are no | longer separated; from now on the two are one. Being together is one | of the great blessings of marriage. No more saying good-bye at the j end of the day because husband and wife are home together. Times of separation due to travel may come—but they also go.

The Book of Ezekiel concludes with a great and decisive declaration. This final prophecy is about the reuniting of the scattered people of Israel with their God. A day will come when Gods people will never again be separated from Him through judgment. Forever they will live as God’s people and He will be their God.

To drive home this joyous truth, Ezekiel announces that the name of the city will be “THE LORD IS THERE.” Some see in the Hebrew phrase a wordplay on the name “Jerusalem.” There is a similar sound. Either way it is a name of great encouragement, to be where God is—forever.

It is good for us to remember that the blessings of salvation include eternity with God. We live in a sin-sick, sin-cursed world. One day this world will be past and eternity will be our neverending present. Then the promise will be fulfilled that we will always be with God, He will be our God, and we will be His people.

“I praise You, God, for the promise of eternity with You. Help me keep my eyes fixed on what is to come!”

Woodrow Kroll & Tony beckett

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