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Ezekiel 8-10, Hebrews 13 • Key Verse: Ezekiel 9:3
I have a collection of mental images filed under the heading of “Used to be churches.” There is
a certain sadness in my heart when I see restaurants, bookstores and antique and furniture
stores that obviously used to be churches. People of God had sacrificially given to build that
structure and had gathered there, joined together in ministry. Sometimes a cornerstone remains,
inscribed with words such as, “Dedicated to the glory of God.”
Reasons for the change vary, for sure. Some churches relocate to new facilities, but sometimes
the building is empty because the church no longer exists. The ministry there is over. Among the
saddest images in my mind is that of a sign in the front yard of a church. It simply said, “For
Sale by Owner.” The,ministry there was going, going, gone.
Ezekiel describes over a series of three chapters a vision of the glory of God departing from the
temple in Jerusalem. The glory moved from above the cherubim (9:3) to the threshold of the
temple (10:4), to the east gate (10:19) and finally out of the city (11:23). It was a slow, sad
departure of the glory, unseen except by the prophet.
Our heart’s desire should be that the Lord’s glory remain in our churches! That will take more
than just wishing. It requires staying true and faithful to God and to His Word. When we move
away from correct interpretation, clear teaching and correct application of His Word, then we
move closer to a time in which the glory may leave.
Be people of the Book. Read the Word, learn the Word and live the Word.
“God, help my local church to stay true to Your Word. May Your glory continue to be proclaimed
through my church. ”

Woodrow Kroll & Tony beckett

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