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Ezekiel 3-4, Hebrews 11:20-40 • Key Verse: Ezekiel 3:23
Have you ever sat in church and wished the song leader would give you an opportunity to stand
and stretch your legs for a minute? Probably. Have you ever grumbled that the song leader had
you stand up and sit down too much? Probably. While we are on the subject, are your pews too
hard or too close together—or just plain uncomfortable? Probably.
Having comfortable seats during worship is important to most people; They want adequate but
not too-bright lighting, along with cool—not cold—temperatures. And they don’t want to feel
Yet as you read your Bible, one of the things you will not find is people sitting during worship.
The only One who sits is God, Others stand, kneel, walk and get on their faces. Now what would
it take to get you to put yourself fiat on the ground with your face on the floor? When Ezekiel
saw “the glory of the Lord,” he says, “I fell facedown” (3:23). Worship put him on his face.
True worship is not about us. It is about God. Too often we focus on ourselves, making ourselves
comfortable, designing worship to fit our tastes, whims and wishes. Put our face on the floor?
Unheard of— until we catch a glimpse of the glory of the Lord.
It is not the physical act that makes something an act of worship. It is the heart from which that
act originates, Ezekiels heart responded to the glory of the Lord with this act of worship. His
focus was clearly on God, not himself.
Which is more important to you: your comfort in church or your worship of God? Would you
ever put your face on the floor, or even bend your knee? Ask yourself if your worship focus is on
yourself or on God.
Woodrow Kroll & Tony beckett

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