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Jeremiah 50, Hebrews 8 • Key Verse: Jeremiah 50:6
When traveling by car, my wife and I usually have a road atlas in the front seat with us.
Sometimes we have just the basic map that comes when you rent a car at an airport. At
other times we use maps from the Internet. Then there are times we stop the car and
ask for directions—a last resort for any guy!
It would be extremely rare today to get lost following a map. Technology and publishing
advances provide us with accurate and highly detailed maps. Sometimes, though, a
person you ask directions from can err and send you on the wrong path. Or, shunning
the help of a map, we can get lost on Our own.
God uses the images of being lost and misguided to challenge us. He said through His
prophet Jeremiah that His people were like lost sheep that had been misguided, led
astray, taken away from the places of rest. The image is not of physical but of spiritual
wandering. It is a sad picture that God's people could be like wandering, misled
You probably don’t like it when you get lost while traveling or trying to find a certain
place in town. Even a wrong turn can be annoying. And if someone gives you wrong
directions, you know the irritability that you can feel.
So if that is how you react to getting lost on the road, how do you feel about wandering
spiritually? The Bible is like your map. You need to read it and know it to keep from
wandering. Also, watch out for those who give poor directions. Compare their teaching
with the Word. Don’t be like lost sheep, led astray.
You need to read and know the Word to keep from wandering spiritually. Commit
yourself anew today to reading, studying and learning the Bible.
Woodrow Kroll & Tony beckett

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