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Jeremiah 34—36, Hebrews 2 Key Verse: Hebrews 2:1
If I were choosing a material to make a model of the human heart, something that would
show the nature of our hearts, I would use driftwood. You have probably seen those
pieces of wood floating by on a river or along the shore of a lake, wood that is rootless,
just drifting wherever the current carries it. Our hearts are like that, prone to drift.
Throughout the Book of Hebrews we are warned about our propensity to wander away
from God. Chapter two begins with the warning that “we must pay. more careful
attention, therefore, to what we have heard, so that we do not drift away” (2:1). As you
read through Hebrews, watch for this theme and hear the repeated warnings. The
warnings often: come with instructions, things to do to keep this from happening.
In chapter 2 the instruction is very basic: “pay more careful attention … to what we have
heard, so that we do not drift away.” To hear is one thing; to heed is another. We can
hear, even read, the Word of God and its instruction, but this is not enough. We need to
pay careful attention because the help we need to stay close to God comes not from
jUst hearing but from heeding.
If I were choosing the material that I wish would make a good model of a Christians
heart, my choice would be an anchor. Now I know that an anchor is not a material per
se, but I want it to be the image that best represents my heart-one that is anchored
close to God.
The hymn writers words were, "Prone to wander, Lord I feel it” (“Come, Thou Fount”).
Do you feel prone to wander? Ask God to help you anchor your heart close to Him. Do it
by both hearing and heeding His Word.
Woodrow Kroll & Tony beckett

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