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Jeremiah 32-33, Hebrews 1 • Key Verse: Jeremiah 32:40
Sunrise, sunset, The two words go together, like tick and tock. Sometimes when we
hear pairs of words like these, we repeat them. They roll off the tongue naturally, easily
repeated, communicating endlessness: sunrise is followed by sunset, which is followed
by sunrise … and so on.
There is a loop of sorts that God promises will one day come, just as sure as sunrise
will follow sunset. It is a loop of two parts, one His and one His people’s.
For God’s part, He will “never stop doing good to them’” (32:40). That is His promise,
contained in this prophecy uttered by Jeremiah. A day will come when God's everlasting
covenant will be established, and without fail He will do good for His people.
The other part of the loop will be the faithfulness of God’s people. Jeremiah said that
“they will never turn away from” God. As He does good to them, they will not forsake
In between the two parts of the loop is another thing that God will do to insure the
everlasting nature of this loop. He will “‘inspire them to fear’” Him. This fear is not a
terror of God but a reverential respect of Him. As His people have that fear in their
hearts, they will stay faithful.
The day is coming when this endless loop of doing good and faithfulness will be in
effect. But we should live that way today. In our hearts we should have a proper fear of
God, one that affects the way that we live, that keeps us close to Him.
Do you fear God? The Bible speaks repeatedly of how fear is the beginning of wisdom
and of knowledge. The fear of God should affect the way we live. Do you truly have this
reverential respect of Him?
Woodrow Kroll & Tony beckett

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