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Jeremiah 3-5, 1 Timothy 4 • Key Verses: 1 Timothy 4:7-8
Sports dominates our society. We read about it in the newspaper and watch it on TV Our cities
spend enormous sums of money on facilities, and shopping malls include stores that specialize in
helping you become an athlete—or at least look like one. Unfortunately, putting on running shoes
will not make you a runner. You must train to be a runner, work at it and discipline yourself.
Paul never said, “Don’t exercise.” He did say that the effort we put into physical conditioning is of
some value, but more valuable is training ourselves to be godly. Athletic training is good for now,
but godliness is good for now and forever!
The athlete knows the need for training as well as the discipline needed to train. But it is one thing
to know and another to do. Somewhere between knowing and doing is discipline. The athlete must
discipline himself to do what will ultimately benefit him.
Its the same for the Christian. We can know that we should be godly and that godliness doesn’t
just happen—it’s something we need to work on. It’s also true that we can know what to do but
not do it because We lack the discipline.
Isn’t it ironic that people will watch what they eat, follow an exercise routine and avoid the things
that will hurt them physically, but fail to apply the same discipline to their spiritual lives? Just as
physical conditioning doesn’t simply happen, neither does spiritual fitness.
Are you spiritually fit? Or are you more of a Christian coach potato, willing to watch but not do? Paul says,
“Train yourself to be godly” (4:7). This is a command. Are you obeying it?
Woodrow kroll & Tony beckett

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