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Isaiah 53-55, 2 Thessalonians 1 • Key Verse: Isaiah 55:1
Its a bit ironic that while drinkable water is free, bottled water, which costs, has become very
popular. When ordering a sandwich at a fast-food restaurant, your request for water to drink has to
be very specific. If you just say “water,” a bottle might be put on your tray— and on your bill!
Some people do have good reasons for drinking bottled water, but it still seems odd to buy it when
water is free.
Isaiah contains very beautiful invitations, ones God gave to His people that also have meaning for
us. The call of God, “Come, all you who are thirsty, come to the waters,” is a touching one. God
cries out to us. He has water that will quench our thirst, and it is free. Jesus used the water
imagery to describe salvation, a free gift that satisfies the deepest thirst of our souls (John 4:14).
Just as people will pay for water, which is free, some will try to pay for salvation, which also is
free. There is a major difference though. You can pay and get water. You cannot pay and get
salvation. It is free and only free. God offers it, and we receive it.
There is a sense in which salvation is not free. It did cost a high price, which Jesus paid when He
died on the cross. But it is always free to us. We can never pay for what God gives.
Have you received the free gift of salvation? If so, thank God for the Living Water. If not, pray today, asking to
receive this gift. It is yours, already paid for, available for the asking..
Woodrow kroll & Tony beckett

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