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Isaiah 50—52, 1 Thessalonians 5 • Key Verse: 1 Thessalonians 5:11
Much can be said in just a few words. One example is the following: “Life is hard.” Our knees
may buckle at times, our shoulders droop under the load, and a weariness can settle even into our
breathing. We sigh, and sigh again. That’s life! Good times are interspersed with difficult times.
The good news for the Christian is that we do not go through the tough times alone. When we are
involved in a local church, a body of believers that practices fellowship, others will come
alongside to give hugs and to help. They are following Paul’s command to “encourage one another
and build each other up” (5:11).
Paul is not reminding us of a blessing but of a responsibility. It is easy for us to say, “Someone
should do this for me!” And they should. But don’t just sit back and remind yourself of what
others should be doing. Paul wrote these words to you, about what you should be doing.
God wants the Body of Christ to be a place of encouragement and help. That will happen as we all
get involved in giving out the hugs and helps to those who need them. The more we sit back,
waiting for others to do it, the less likely it will happen. Yes, you may be in need, but so are
others. So, get up, go out, and give of yourself to encourage and build each other up.
Is there someone you can encourage or help? If so, do it—today.
Woodrow kroll & Tony beckett

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