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Isaiah 47-49, 1 Thessalonians 4 • Key Verse: 1 Thessalomans 4:13
We all have times of grief, times of mourning the loss of a family member, neighbor or close
friend. There is a sadness that comes with death, a sadness intensified by the finality of it. For
some, their mourning is intensified by both finality and uncertainty. They do not know for certain
what happens after death and find themselves facing an unsure future, one that looks hopeless.
When Paul wrote to the church at Thessalonica, he wanted, among other things, to clear up any
misunderstandings they might have regarding death. His intent was to do more than just give them
He wanted them to realize the certain hope of the Christian and to have that hope affect their
mourning. Knowing that in Jesus we have eternal life and that those who die in Christ are forever
with Him should keep us from grieving like those who have no hope. We will still miss those who
have died, but we should not grieve like others might.
We have hope in Christ. When a Christian dies, he is with Jesus, eternally. The day will come
when we will join those who have died before us, either through our own death or through Jesus
coming to take us out of this world. Our time together here on earth is temporary, as is the
separation when our loved ones join Jesus. When we are all with Jesus, that will be permanent.
There will be no more separation.
“Perhaps you are grieving a loss. The truth of these verses can help you through your grief. You have a
certain hope in Jesus”.
Woodrow kroll & Tony beckett

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