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Isaiah 41-42, 1 Thessalonians 1 • Key Verse: Isaiah 41:10/
Have you seen this on a T-shirt, cap or cat window—“No Fear”? It’s a strong sentiment, but I
sometimes wonder if the words match the reality of life. When life is going well and we are
moving along in familiar circumstances with things seemingly under control, it is possible to have
no fear.
The problem is that what can look like smooth sailing may at any time change to treacherous
waters without warning. A person might be tempted to change out of their “No Fear” T- shirt at the
same time!
Yet God wants us to be “no fear” people, not in apparel but in the calmness of our hearts. He tells
us not only in Isaiah 41:10 but elsewhere that we should neither fear nor be dismayed.
As is the case with God, He does not just tell us what to do but also enables us to do it. He says,
“For I am your God.” Remember this! Realize this! Be strengthened by this truth!
What this means is that He will strengthen and help us. He will also uphold Us with His righteous
right hand. Help is not on the way; help is here! Knowing this truth is one thing. Making it real is
another. To help calm your fears, memorize this verse.
Then when you are starting to feel uncertain, remind yourself of this truth. And one other thing—
pray this verse. Ask God to keep you from fear and to help you feel His strengthening so that you
will know that He is upholding you.


Begin right now to memorize this verse. Learn it well and say it often, especially when fear begins to show
itself in your heart.
Woodrow kroll & Tony beckett

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