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Isaiah 39-40, Colossians 4 • Key Verse: Isaiah 40:12
A popular praise song says, “Our God is an awesome God.” Verses such as Isaiah 40:12 reinforce
that truth. Allow yourself a moment to meditate on this description of God.
He has measured the waters in the hollow of His hand. See how much water your hand can hold.
Maybe an ounce, maybe two, but probably not much more. Then go look at a body of water, add
to it all water you have seen, and toss in all the oceans. God is described as being able to measure,
all of the water in His hand.
He has marked off the heavens with His hand. I sometimes use my hand, from the tip of my.
thumb to the tip of my little ringer, as a basic measuring device. It is about nine inches from tip to
tip. That is my span. Compare that to Gods. Isaiah said that God could mark off the breadth of the
We all know what dust is and how much of it there can be. God can put it all in a basket. He can
even take the mountains and the hills and put them in a scale or a balance, much like we might
weigh fruit at the grocery store.
Granted, this is only a representation of God. He does not have a body like ours but is spirit.
Sometimes the Bible describes God in physical terms to help us understand Him. This description
leaves us with only one thought: “Our God is an awesome God.”
Take a moment to meditate on the awesomeness of God and then pray, praising Him for His
Woodrow kroll & Tony beckett

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