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Isaiah 30-31, Philippians 4 • Key Verse: Philippians 4:6

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Unlike the popular song a few years back, God never tells us, “Don’t worry, be happy.”
Mindlessness is never the answer to anxiety. Avoidance may be a chosen path, but going that
direction typically contributes nothing to the solution and may only aggravate the problem.
Instead, God tells us that we are not to be anxious about anything. That could be shortened to,
“Don’t worry—period.” What follows is choosing the path that will take us in the direction of
resolving our worries.
Paul tells us that we are to take our anxieties, package them up as requests, then by prayer and
petition, with thanksgiving, present them to God. Included in this instruction is the word
everything because God wants us to understand how all-encompassing this command is. Give
everything to God in prayer.
To the worrier, this is unnatural. Give away your worries and you have nothing left to worry
about! But if you give them to God and take care of what you are supposed to do, you can leave
the rest to Him. There’s no need to worry over them any longer because you have given them to
God. He never fumbles.
God does not want you to be a worrier. Do what He wants. Make a list right now and give your worries to
Him. Pray, asking God to take those things out of your mind and put them into His hand..
Woodrow kroll & Tony beckett

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