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Isaiah 28-29,Philippians 3 • Key Verse: Isaiah 29:13
Remember paint-by-number sets? The pictures were divided into numbered sections, each number
indicating the color to go into that portion. People could paint just by putting the right-numbered
paint into the corresponding areas of the picture. When done, the person had a painting. Usually
you could tell that it was a paint-by-numbers. It looked too much “by the numbers”!
Some people try to do worship “by the numbers.” It’s as if the worship of God could be printed
out with spaces to fill in, the end result being a picture entitled,‘“Worship,” but looking more like
a painting done by filling in numbered spaces
The difference between worship that is acceptable to God and that which He despises is the heart.
Isaiah delivered God’s rebuke when he said that the people’s words may have sounded right but
their hearts were wrong. God will always reject right words from wrong hearts. Worship by the
numbers, or rules, is not What God desires.
So. when we gather with others for worship, or spend time alone with God, we must not let
ourselves be like these people, whom God strongly rebuked. Worship is not a matter of art but of
the heart. We must look inward, determined that the words we offer in worship are ones that come
from the heart. Keep your heart close to God and your worship will be pleasing to Him.

“This week ask God to help you worship in a way that pleases Him. If you find that your worship is a paint-
by-numbers approach, ask for forgiveness and for help to change.”

Woodrow kroll & Tony beckett

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