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Isaiah 26-27, Philippians 2 • Key Verse: Isaiah 26:3
There is something peaceful about the sound of the word tranquility. Life typically is lived on the
edge—the ragged edge. Peace, an over used word, is reduced to a slogan, something known but
not experienced. But since we have not overused the word tranquility, it sounds so appealing, so
God makes tranquility available to us. When He promises us “perfect peace,” that is tranquility. It
is important to note that perfect peace is not a product that He offers but a result. It is the result of
a steadfast mind, one that trusts God.
The better we focus our minds on God, the better we trust, the more we will experience the perfect
peace that comes from God alone. This peace, or tranquility, passes all understanding.
Sounds nice, doesn’t it? It is such a contrast to the noise and congestion of traffic, the interrupting
ring of the phone, the beep of the answering machine letting you know that you have messages, or
the sound of childrens voices clamoring for attention.

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Perfect peace is not the result of God removing all of these, along with the other sights, sounds
and smells of a stress-filled life. Instead, it is the result of a mind that is focused solely on Him.
“Upon what is your mind focused? Determine today to keep God at the front of your thoughts, viewing
everything through a God-conscious grid. Ask Him to help you know His perfect peace’.”
Woodrow kroll & Tony beckett

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