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Isaiah 23-25, Philippians 1 • Key Verse: Isaiah 24:14
A typical view of worship is much more narrow than what is Found in the Bible. It may be that
you conceive of worship as a Sunday morning service, something to attend once a week at most.
Perhaps your view is a bit wider, recognizing not only corporate but also personal times of
worship, such as daily devotions. Some people consider worship as being a response to something
good: God does something good: so we praise Him.
When we look for worship in the Bible, our understanding is stretched. In chapter 24 Isaiah
records a worship scene far different from the one in chapter 6. Now the prompting to worship is
not a vision of God in heaven but the carrying out of His wrath on earth. We typically do not think
of God’s judgment as a call to praise, but it is.
In His judgment, God declares His majesty and righteousness. He is the rightful Ruler of all
creation. One day He will declare His majesty, putting down all rebellion, displacing all rulers.
Also, the wickedness of the world will be brought to an end as God establishes His reign of
Can God’s judgment prompt you to worship? It should. But it won’t unless you see this world as
God sees it, a place of sin deserving His judgment. It will when you see judgment as God setting
all things right, demonstrating Himself to be the Sovereign of the universe.
“God, help me worship You in Your majesty and righteousness. May I truly see You as the King
who rules in holiness and praise You for the day in which You will establish Your righteous reign
on this earth.”
Woodrow kroll & Tony beckett

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