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Psalms 103—104, 1 Corinthians 2 • Key Verses: Psalm 103:10-12

“It’s just not fair,” we sometimes say, perhaps not thinking too clearly about what we are saying. If someone is being fair toward us, he is following a standard of what is right and proper, not giving consideration to anything or anyone else.

We want to be treated fairly—or at least we think we do. Typically, the standard by which we decide if something is “fair” is one of our own perspective. It is our attempt to get what we think we deserve.

We should be thankful that God does not give us what we deserve but instead gives us what we don’t. David said in Psalm 103:10 that God “does not treat us as our sins deserve.” The reason He doesn’t is forgiveness. He removes our transgressions from us, separating them from us at an incalculable distance.

Consider how far east is from west. If you go north far enough, you will reach the North Pole. It’s all south from there. Or go south far enough and you will encounter the South Pole. One more step and you are headed north.

North and south really are next to each other. But go east and you will never reach an east pole. Same is true with the west. East is not just a step away from west. They are not even “poles apart.”

Verse 12 is a vivid image of forgiveness: as far as east is from the west. God has removed our transgressions farther than we can imagine.

Thank God for forgiveness! Thank Him that He did not give you what you deserve.

Woodrow Kroll & Tony Beckett

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