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Psalms, 89-90, Romans 14 Key Verse: Romans 14:19

Some of the most difficult disagreements are over what is considered right or wrong; The Bible is very clear on some things, but not on others; hence, the disagreements. We call these issues “gray areas.” • How to handle the gray areas must be an important subject since Paul not only discussed it in this chapter and part of the next, but also devoted three chapters to it in 1 Corinthians (8-10).

Gray areas were a problem in the first-century church and will be a problem in the last-century church. We will always have areas in which we do not agree as to what is right and wrong.
So Paul gave us two priorities to carry into these discussions.

First, “make every effort to do what leads to peace” (v. 19). “Make every effort” speaks of the seriousness we have in this regard. Our efforts are to be directed toward peace. We are better at being divisive, getting our way, making our point, when instead we should be pushing hardest toward peace.

Second, our efforts should build others up, not tear them down. And we should do it in such a way that we benefit as well. Our efforts must be directed toward “mutual edification.” We should come out of the discussion better, not bitter.

So the next time you get into one of those gray-area discussions, think about this: Are you working for peace, and are you and the others both growing through this?

We can be so convinced in our minds that there is no room for disagreement. But disagreements will come. Ask God to help you always be a person of peace and edification. Then ask if there is someone with whom you are right now not at peace. Plan your efforts to bring peace and build up each other.

Woodrow Kroll & Tony Beckett

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