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Psalms 84—86, Romans 12 Key Verses: Romans 12:1—2

In his commentary on Romans, Ray Steelman tells the following story. “Many years ago a man was walking through Union Station in Chicago. It was busy and crowded. He had been thinking of what he might do with his life. It suddenly dawned on him the only logical thing he could do with his life, since it belonged to God and had been redeemed by the Lord, was to give it to Him and ask Him to use it.

“Right in the midst of the crowd he stopped and drew a little mark with his toe. Then he stood on the mark and said, ‘Lord, here I am, I am Yours. The rest of my life, whatever You want me to do, if You will show me and convince me what You want, I will do it.

The attitudes You want me to have, I will have. As I study and read Your Word, I will try to carry out what You tell me to do, and think the way You tell me to think. Here I am, Lord; do with my life as You want.

“That commitment service in Union Station in Chicago was known only by this man and God. But God picked that man up and began to use him in remarkable ways. He has traveled the world and touched hundreds of lives because God used him.”

That story embodies the significance of Romans 12; 1—2, a text that takes the step beyond doctrine and doxology to duty. We are called to make a decisive commitment to God.

Like the man in the train station, have you ever made that mark? If you have, then stay by the mark, stay committed. If you have wandered from the mark, get back to it. And if you never have made it, then right now pray and make the mark.

Woodrow Kroll & Tony Beckett

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