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Psalms 51-53, Romans 2 • Key Verse: Psalm 51:12
We have a constitutionally guaranteed right to the pursuit of happiness. Notice, however, that the
right is not to happiness but to the pursuit of it. Many people seem to miss that fine line of
distinction. They live as if happiness is a right and nothing should ever stand in the way of their
having it.
What God gives us is not temporary happiness, something dependent upon the current situation,
experiences, possessions, activities or feelings. He gives us joy, an abiding inner sense of wellbeing that is not dependent upon anything other than our relationship with Him.
The biggest difference between happiness and joy is that happiness is temporary and dependent
on other things, while joy is permanent, coming from our relationship with God. The one comes
and goes while the other stays—unless we allow ourselves to be robbed of our joy.
David was robbed and wanted his joy restored. The robber was himself—specifically, his sin.
Covering up his sin instead of confessing it brought pain into his life, the result of God at work
bringing David to the point of repentance. Psalm 51 is David’s prayer of repentance. Finally, he
confessed. Now he would find relief and joy.
Joy is not a right but a blessing. It is not fleeting like happiness, but we can be robbed of it. Joy
can be restored, however, when we repent before God, crying out like David, “Restore to me the
joy of your salvation” (v. 12).
Do you have joy? If something in your life has robbed you of it, follow the example of David.
Read again Psalm 51, praying it as your own prayer before God.
Woodrow Kroll & Tony Beckett

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