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Psalms 54-56, Romans 3 • Key Verse: Psalm 55:22
Disappointments, difficulties and the pains of life can weigh heavily upon us. That is why we use
the word burden to describe them. Psalm 55 is the prayer of a burdened man, one that is written
for our benefit.
David’s burdens included the especially painful one of verses 12 and 13. His close friend with
whom he had worshiped had become his enemy. It may have been Ahithophel, grandfather of
Bathsheba, who joined the rebellion of Absalom. Not only did David fear the effective counsel
Ahithophel could give against him, but he also felt the pain of a lost friendship. The burdens
were heavy ones, each capable of feeling weighty alone. Together, they were more than enough
for any man to bear.
As much as we might want to just dump our difficulties and escape, that isn’t an option. David
tells us how to lose the weight. “Cast your cares on the LORD” (v. 22), God’s plan does not allow
for us to be destroyed but to be sustained. But we must do our part; we must lay our burden on
Jesus. He will sustain us.
Laying our burden on Jesus does not mean losing all responsibility. There still may be things we
must do. It does not mean immediate escape. The reality of the burden may continue. It does
mean, however, that the load is shifted in such a way that we now look at the burden differently.
Yes, it is ours, but Jesus is bearing it.
Learn to cast your cares on God. Pray that He will sustain you, and don’t worry. When the worry
starts up again, start praying again, asking God to help you give Him the burden.
Woodrow Kroll & Tony Beckett

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