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Psalms 49-50, Romans 1 • Key Verse: Romans 1:1
These days, people never tire debating the importance of our self- image. We are told to
understand what formed our self-image, to consider how as parents we shape a child’s selfimage, to help others with their self-image, to be concerned whether or not we have a healthy
self-image . . . and the list goes on.
How do you view yourself? Now compare your self-image to how Paul viewed himself. He
viewed himself as a servant—literally, a slave. He belonged without reservation to Jesus. He
viewed himself as an apostle, one who had been sent. His life’s work was to do what God sent
him to accomplish as one appointed by God. He viewed himself as set apart specifically for the
ministry of the Gospel, the good news of salvation in Jesus.
How he viewed himself affected what he did. Viewing himself as a servant affected his attitude
toward God and others. What he did and why he did it was affected by understanding himself as
one sent. Being set apart affected his aspirations, what he hoped to accomplish.
So with all this talk of self-image, we need to view ourselves like Paul, who saw himself from
God’s perspective. God formed his self- image. Accepting what God wanted in his life enabled
Paul to truly be what God wanted him to be.
Do you see yourself as a servant, sent and set apart? The temptation is to be in control of your
own life when instead you need to recognize that Jesus is Lord. Ask, God to help you be what He
wants you to be.
Woodrow Kroll & Tony Beckett

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