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Psalms 46-48, Acts 28 •Key Verse: Psalm 46:10
“Fast” and “faster” describe, life today. Fast food picked up at the drive-through window.
Computer processors and increased band-width for Internet access so information can flow even
faster. Even our suitcases have wheels. Our lives are stuck on fast forward.
God says, “Be still.”
“Is He kidding? Me, be still? Not with my schedule!”
We are on a mad dash, moving too quickly for our own good, particularly our own spiritual
good. We want Him to be for us “our refuge, and strength, an ever-present help in trouble”
(46:1), like one of those flat tire repair kits where you can plug the leak and inflate the tire with
an aerosol spray can. No jack, no lug wrench, no wrestling a tire off, just a fast fix. If only God
were like that—convenient, accessible, requiring no dirtying of the hands, quickly fixing the flats
so we can keep on speeding down the road.
“Be still,” He says, and for good reason—“and know that I am God” (v. 10).
You may recognize your neighbor because you see his face as you drive by, but you will not
really know him until you stop, get out of the car and spend time with him. Relationships are not
built by a wave but a handshake, not by running past but by stopping to talk. What is true about
getting to know our neighbor is true about getting to know God.
Do you take time to be still? Daily Bible reading, devotions and individual and corporate
worship all require time and flourish as we are still.
Be still. Get to know God better.
Woodrow Kroll & Tony Beckett

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