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Psalms 37-39, Acts 26 • Key Verses: Psalm 37:3-5
“Don’t beat around the bush—get to the point” is the sentiment of some of us. We prefer
concise, straight answers, not wordy explanations or instructions.
David got right to the point in Psalm 37. “Trust in the LORD” (v. 3). “Delight yourself in the
LORD” (v. 4). “Commit your way to the LORD” (v. 5). “Be still before the LORD” (v. 7). In a
beautiful simplicity, these statements say all we need to know and do.
Trust. Whatever our situation or circumstances, we need to have an abiding confidence in God.
Delight. Our hearts affections need to be set on the Lord, learning to find our joy and delight in
Commit. We need to determine that our life will be lived the way He wants it lived.
Be still. It is almost impossible to hear God while running, especially with the noise and
confusion that so often crowds in on us. We need the still times.
Could more be said about these things? Of course. Occasionally we need the point driven home,
explained, illustrated and applied.
Yet there remains in the simplicity of these statements straightforward communication that
catches our eyes, our ears and hopefully our minds and hearts so that we trust, delight, commit
and remain still, experiencing the blessing of God.
Read the rest of Psalm 37. What other phrases like these catch your attention? Highlight of
underline them in your Bible.
Woodrow Kroll & Tony Beckett

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